Sonorous dreams. That is how the Orange County, California musician MIHN describes his sonic world and with his debut, he’s hit the nail on the head. The grandiose of his magniloquent sound in Anymore is a testament to this musical philosophy, imposingly deep and full he makes sure that he fills every nook and cranny of his music with something meaningful. Little nuances are littered throughout the soundscape, leading to a ridiculously high replay value that means even after your 50th listen you’ll find something unique that was hidden away beneath the sonic surface. This debut blends the worlds of contemporary western Pop, with the use of insatiable hooks and a canorous vocal performance, and high-spirited K-Pop, with the use of an ever growing production and a thriving chorus that you can envision a dance routine to.

With all that being said however, there’s one standout from this debut and that’s the lyrics. The heartfelt narrative with its vivid use of descriptors allows you to paint an image in your head, each word adds a single brushstroke to the image until the very end where you’re left with a masterpiece. You might as well call MIHN’s debut Will Smith because it SLAPS!