Back in 2019 chilled out hip hop beats were everywhere. You couldn’t escape them and that was largely thanks to the study beats streams on YouTube and the ever growing playlists you’d consistently stumble across on Spotify. This surge in the genre lead to the next generation of producers getting their start, creating laidback beats for people to relax to and for other artists to lay down their bars, whilst giving the producer a credit shoutout. This is how Skel got his start, creating beats on FL Studio 19 that he’d share online and soon ventured into the idea of songwriting, originally mimicking Aries before finding his own style of music that was distinct to him.

That’s where Wandering arrives, a buoyant hyperpop single that combines the industrial electronics we’ve come to know from the genre, and the beauty of the outside world. Nature and digital media come clashing together in a juxtaposing eruption of a maestoso manner that’s hard not to admire. His distorted voice matches the warped nature of the soundscape, glitching out at just the right moments before flipping the track on its head with a more calming finale. His vocal takes a breather, as does the production, changing the high octane energy into a tranquil environment where the emotion bubbles to the top. Allowing you to transition from the madness passionate emotion can bring to something where you allow it to set in.