School teacher by day, a genre bending musician by night, the Vietnamese artist Monét Ngo is about as close as we’re going to get to a real life School of Rock and we’re totally here for it. Creating sonic worlds revolving around the coming of age music he wishes he had when he was growing up, it’s become quite apparent that he’s to teach a new generation about the ups and downs of the world as he imparts his own ideologies and nuggets of wisdom to them. That’s what I adore about this artist, he’s creating music for the lost youth of the world and is helping guide them feel less alone as he walks through this unfamiliar landscape with them, assisting them in finding the path they were destined to go down.

His debut Lonestar is the perfect example of this, blending together a wide variety of genres to create a cathartic soundscape filled with unrivalled amounts of angst that allow you to unleash your own frustrations as you belt out the chorus for all to hear. Featuring a raw guitar solo reminiscent of early 2000’s pop punk, a slick hook that wriggles its way into your ear like a modern pop jam and unrivalled lyrics that we’re able to project ourselves onto, it’s clear that Monét Ngo’s after school music club is one we all want to be apart of.