We previously covered Terry Presume, the undergrounds’ most promising newcomer, for his debut record, Did Me Wrong, which is an indisputable melodic-rap hit. Today, we see an entirely new side to the 26-year-old Nashville-based artist… this dude can spit. His new song, Don’t Like U, sits pretty as my favorite drop to date.

Upon listening, the new-age rap production of this track done by Capi immediately sends the message that this record will be something different from his past work. The cover art shows Terry posted on a bench looking absolutely unfazed. He carries this mentality throughout the runtime of the track, telling the story of a past relationship where he gave all his time and attention but it wasn’t enough, and now he’s simply not giving in to his ex’s repeated attempts to “link up” once again. He flows effortlessly, delivering an honest, unfiltered message that the past is in the past and he’s focused on the bag now. The song revolves around a catchy hook, which includes a Chief Keef name drop, creating a pun on his famous work I Don’t Like (ft. Lil Reese). All I can say is this track remains on repeat, not only for me but for every single person I show it to. Something’s in the air when Terry Presume hits the aux, it’s pure bliss.