German talent Imisc is continuing his speed-run this year, releasing yet another explosive anthem “Love Me Too.” Following his multiple releases “Magic” in May, followed by “What I Regret” in June, “Parachute” in September, and “Dancing Baby” in October, Imisc returns with another beautiful EDM track. The brand new offering titled “Love Me Too” features lyrics that are quite emotional. This song is the second collaboration of the EDM producer Imisc and the R&B singer J.O.Y after the song “Dancing Baby.” Like almost every time in Imisc’s and J.O.Y’s music and the constant struggle between the phrase “When will you love me too” and “When will you trust me too” represent the main part of the emotional dispute.

“Love Me Too” is a stunning dance-pop vibe, filled with subtle electronic hints and infectious lyrics. Sharing this single, Imisc is already showing great promise as a producer, combining analog-sounding arpeggios, breathtaking atmospheres, soulful vocals, and a stunning combination of instruments and bass.