Nathan Archie’s voice isn’t liquid gold, it’s liquid platinum. Yes, we live in a hyperbole world, but the second you hear his ravishing voice with a honey drizzled tone that lusciously glides across an ambient soundscape, you’ll fully understand what I mean. He’s also a master of the quill, tugging on our heart strings like a master puppeteer as he weaves a tale through the many layers of his sonic tapestry. He’s even garnered a cult like fanbase on Tik Tok who’ve been craving his debut single since they heard him croon for the first time. He’s even got main stays in the music world like Justin Bieber and Sam Smith singing his praises. Luckily for them all that day has finally arrived.

Written about a toxic relationship, Hurt Me Enough is an unfiltered stream of conscious thought as he evokes the pain and mental anguish he’s experienced throughout this torrid time. The spaced out production puts a spotlight on his voice, creating an intimate sonic experience that draws you into his inner psyche to bare witness to his pain first hand. His lyrics help form a vivid portrait, adding elegant strokes to the expressive painting that allows us to see the full breadth of his talent, and by the time the song ends you’re left looking at a true work of art.

It’s clear to see why Nathan Archie is turning heads and becoming the name on hundreds upon thousands of peoples lips. He will blow you away because he has the makings of a generational talent.