“That’s the motto for the new year,” says DMV-based singer-songwriter Nicknames in regard to his latest single “Go Big or Go Home”. I don’t doubt this will be a big year for Nicknames as he’s been laying steady groundwork ready to put out some of his most well-curated tracks. 2022 saw many singles and his debut EP “Oh, What A Time To Be Alive” with these works in the bank he’s sitting at over 6,000 monthly listeners. Nicknames has acquired a loyal fan base around New York City through playing shows and a few viral TikTok moments. Let’s get into the music and find out more about “Go Big or Go Home”.

Taking inspiration from the 2019 film Uncut Gems, Nicknames has reimagined the plot into a Pop-Rock record supported by a cinematic visual. The track is self-produced and is littered with addictive guitar riffs and crashing drums. I can tell that this would be an absolute banger to see in a live show, especially with a full band. It has a true rock and roll sense about it, melded with a pop inspire catchy hook. This is a track I’d have blaring with all the windows down pushing high speeds on the highway. 

I can hear the Uncut Gems’ inspiration in the intensity of the production it’s definitely suited for an action movie soundtrack. Not to mention the visual is truly a work of art, the cinematic masterpiece stars close friend Ajohntae who portrays a character reminiscent of Adam Sandler’s role. Flashing back and forth between performance scenes and following along with the main character’s adventurous dash through the city. This single is truly a thrill it’s addictive, a genuine display of talents, and could easily be enjoyed by many. 

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for Nicknames as he’s off to a very strong start. Be sure to check out the visual that goes alongside “Go Big or Go Home” and delve into his full catalog on Spotify!