Chances are you haven’t heard of the name Kid Culture before, but he’s had his fingerprints on some of the biggest songs in the world. From Justin Bieber to Eminem, he became a Grammy award nominated artist because of this and is now stepping from behind the mixing board and into the spotlight.

From an early age he had a passion for music, honing his craft as a performer by playing the drums for his local church where is father sang and preached. This wasn’t enough though, soon he moved over the the craft of beat making, and whilst most musicians start out on a laptop these days, he decided it was best to go for a vintage keyboard with a floppy disc. As the years went on he just got better and better, to the day in high school where he began producing for some huge names. His debut has been a lifetime in the making and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

With a smooth flow mixed with a coruscating soundscape that was designed to be blasted out during the summer, Keep It is a short but sweet introduction to what Kid Culture is all about. His heart-on-sleeve lyrical delivery is timeless, and this only becomes more true with the classic sample featured, helping elevate the piece to another level. Include a music video with stellar visuals that invites you deeper into his artistic vision and it becomes clear to see, Kid Culture is ready to dominate 2023.