Who doesn’t love an eclectic Aussie alternative rock band of boys looking to have a good time? Surf Trash has just released the coming-of-age soundtrack for your new year, with their EP entitled Under The Radar. The energy of these tracks is unmatched it’s fun, carefree, and evokes a summertime sort of nostalgia.

The group has already put a few fan favourites in the Spotify catalog with singles “Wrong Or Right” & “All My Problems” amounting to millions of streams. All while remaining independent and having a hands-on approach writing their own music to designing posters and vinyl artworks. The band is working tirelessly to continue growing its core fan base. Now let’s unpack the EP and dive deeper into these six tracks sure to make you rock right along. 

To start us off we have “Under The Radar” the title track bringing high energy off the bat. It’s a quick and catchy rock-inspired track with gritty guitars and an addictive hook. Followed closely by “I Might Fall In Love” a chill vibe that’s still upbeat delivering a more gentle hook. This track lets you romanticise your life and forget everything for just a minute. Next, we have “The Last One” where the boys showcase more vulnerable themes, it draws on the feeling of letting go.

The second half kicks off with “That’s The Night” if we’re talking coming of age, this is the track. It pays homage to Aussie greats who’ve inspired the boys such as Hoodoo Gurus & Australian Crawl. Carrying us into “Still A Dreamer”, which brings all the carefree energy asking, / are you ready for takeoff? /. To close it all off we have “Each Others Pockets” evoking the somber nostalgia of missing your favourite people. 

I hope this has convinced you to listen to at least one track if not the whole project! I couldn’t recommend this band enough they truly have something for everyone, these are cult classics in the making. If you’re reading from Australia or New Zealand keep an eye out for a tour date near you, nothing beats live music.