Growing up as an Indian-American, splitting her time between living in New York City, USA and Bengaluru, India, NIMBU has a diverse mix of sonic worlds at her disposal. With her dad going around the house humming classic Bollywood tunes, and her school friends passing around the latest hip hop mixtapes, no matter where she went NIMBU managed to find away to discover their music scene. Her eclectic taste rapidly grew with her discovering UK garage, 80’s disco soul, and plethora of other genres. Soon she used her diverse range of influences to create a sound that’s distinctly her own. Bollywood, UK garage, and disco all come together for her debut single Eleventh Hour.

Described by NIMBU as “a bilingual ode to the comeback kids,” the track is an ode to celebrating the twists and turns life unexpectedly throws in our face. She reminds us to get back, dust ourselves off, and keep moving forward despite what lies in our way. Her lyrical flows are mesmerising to watch, effortlessly weaving flowing through Hindi melodies to form a harmonious bond between the Western and Eastern music styles. The groundbreaking blend sees NIMBU blazing a trail for herself, creating a fresh sound that people will admire as the years go on.

At the end of the day, this track tells you that it’s better to do something late rather than never. And with the track featuring the interpolation of the 1986 Bollywood classic, Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai, reflecting in Hindi how “victory only comes after defeat,” it becomes clear that NIMBU isn’t messing around with her debut.