Ever since I stumbled across their track Murder, the France based band Oakman have been in my heavy rotation with their insatiable sound that’s like taking Paramore’s modern pop sound and infusing it with the dramatic flair of The 1975 and compelling electronics of CHVRCHES. Dive into their discography and you’ll be inundated with sonic delights that are ready made hits, honestly the majority of mainstream artists who hear their music probably kick themselves over the songwriting prowess on display. Their latest single however might be their best track to date.

A ready made summer anthem that’s ready for the airwaves, All The Way Up is made to be blasted out of your car speakers whilst driving along the coast with the windows down. The high-spirited synths, vigorous percussion section and jaunty guitars melt together in a caster pot of swirling emotions as Marine’s vocal regales us with story of determination, empowerment and destiny. The narrative is about a long journey, balancing the negatives that impact you with the desire to keep going forward and achieve your dreams. Others will knock you down, others will lift you up, but you’ve got to keeping pushing through the psychological torment and find strength to get up everyday and fight for the life you wish to lead. All wrapped up in an incandescent track.

“All The Way Up represents this long journey in a life between fear, hesitation and the desire to never stop going further. Since we were born, we all have dreams that we never stop fighting for. For which we will always be regarded as an alien by others because we are often misunderstood and not supported. And when everything else gets in the way, it’s often psychologically hard to continue to find strength. But every day is a new day and every day brings a new strength to keep going all the way up.”