Pulling over 400 people to your local small hometown shows is a feat that is not easily done by a rising musician but the California native Paige Garabito made her name in the Golden State’s thriving music scene by doing just that. It’s no real surprise as well with the self-influenced artist having a brooding alternative pop soundscape that she’s been steadily growing over the past few years via sonically textured pieces like Breakfast, intimately alluring R&B songs like Picnic or pop bangers like Cry Baby. The rising artist has been learning more about her sonic identity with every release and we, as the audience, have been enthralled by the journey.

ACTRESS, her latest release, features a lullaby-like guitar riff along with a thumping bassline that contrasts the angelic tone of her warped vocals beautifully whilst maintaining a dark undertone through the hauntingly mesmerising lyrics that gives the piece an idiosyncratic flair. Coming in at just over 2 minutes this track is short but sweet, Paige Garabito brings you into her sonic universe and has you wanting to explore the multifaceted world she’s created long before the track has finished playing.