November 2021, Pigeons & Planes announce they’re creating their first compilation album featuring some of the best upcoming talent the world has to offer. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for an album in a long time! Following this is a build up that spans 10 months, unveiling the class of 2022 who’ll be featured on this project, little snippets teased on social media, interviews about the project and full blown music videos for the singles. If you ever wanted a good example on marketing, this is it. But that’s not what I love this project for. What I love about See You Next Year is that it’s a celebration of the scene, celebrating each one of these artists individuality, creativity and tenacity whilst maintaining a harmonious feel that makes me smile from ear to ear.

Each artist is given their own moment to shine. From Teezo Touchdown opening with the same insanity based creativity we’ve come to love him for and Wallice’s commanding alternative rock prowess that leaves you enraptured, to redveil delivering impactful bars that pierce through your heart and MIKE DEAN ending the project on a synth driven, cinematic finale. Pigeons & Planes have opened the door for so many blogs over the years, this project is on a whole new level though. It’s a love letter to the music discovery eco-system, the rise of exciting talent, and what can be done with a platform in this industry. Truly one of the best projects to come out this year.