The Indonesian pop queen NIKI continues to raise the bar in the build up to her forthcoming album Nicole as she drops her best track to date in High School in Jakarta. I’ve become acquainted with NIKI through her crystal clear storytelling, not hiding anything behind a myriad of obtuse metaphors of cleverly cloaked lyrical devices, she speaks to her audience at an equal level as if she was recounting the tale directly to you. Not a single detail is spared, she recites it all back beat for beat and painting a vivid picture that you insert yourself into as you become apart of the tale. Her deeply relatable songwriting breaks down any barriers you put up and embraces you, the dulcet tones of her celestial voice wraps itself around you as the calming melodies transport you back to your adolescent years. A wave of nostalgia washes over you and you can’t help but thank NIKI for allowing this to happen.

The music video is the cherry on top here, taking you through a heartfelt lover story that most TV shows would stretch out for about three seasons. NIKI doesn’t do that though, keeping it short and sweet whilst instantly bringing a smile to your face with the cuteness this romantic tale has.