Maisie Peters is the pop girl of the moment. The artist has been steadily building a fanbase for years, ever since she was in her teens where she was releasing covers online and getting lovely comments consistently from resident indie cult hero Dodie. Her sound has grown since her acoustic guitar, singer songwriter era and she’s now become a pop prima donna, dropping banger after banger with chorus’s designed for singing into hairbrushes. The best comparison is that she’s the UK Taylor Swift, transitioning from a rustic sound to effervescent pop. She’s a top talent and she’s continuing her hot run of form today with another pop anthem.

Blonde is about a transitional period during her life. Although dying your hair doesn’t seem like a grand moment that instates change within oneself, for Peters it was a moment where she perfectly reflected who she wanted to be. Going from a brunette who was struggling with self-confidence, self-worth and self-belief to a fierce blonde with sky high confidence and a bad-ass attitude that will make her ex run in fear. Her assertive voice commands your attention, letting you know this is a new era for her as she belts out the empowering lyrics with a chorus you can’t get out of your head, as well as an array of tantalising melodies that wiggle their into your subconscious. She’ll fuck your life up as a blonde, but bless you with her music.