Very Special

Montreal-based Hip-Hop artist Gotti Banxx has just released a much anticipated debut album entitled Very Special, a raw expedition through life and emotion, and a record reflecting on Banxx’ vulnerable reality as he takes us on a journey to self-discovery. The smooth, groovy, and brilliant collection of songs is Banxx’ homage to himself and the different experiences that have shaped him into the man he is today. Soft vocals blended with classic Hip-Hop beats gave birth to some of the trendiest and most efficient melodic vibes he’s dropped so far. 

Born and raised in Montreal, Gotti Banxx, from a young age, realized that his main passion in life was music, and more specifically Hip-Hop. At 13 years old, he started writing his own music, creating unbelievable tracks for a young teen his age. And what struck his attention above all was the melodic and singing aspect of Hip-Hop, mainly driving his inspiration from Drake’s musical approach. After recording over 200 songs, Gotti Banxx released “RNB Party” in 2017, a track that gained the attention of the urban scene and helped Banxx build a solid fan base that wouldprove to be essential for the rest of his career. 

“Santana,” “Famous,” “Sometimes,” and “Premium Snapchat,” were released after “RNB Party,” all together amassing over a million plays on most major digital platforms. 

Gotti Banxx’ signature sound is all over Very Special’s 7-song tracklist, including the previously released “Sometimes,” and “See U Later.” HIs own aesthetics almost always make a sophisticated use of hard-hitting 808’s combined with auto-tuned vocals, bringing together classic Hip-Hop vibes with contemporary for a stunning artistic result. 

Most of the songs are co-executively produced by fellow Montreal producer Kizzy, who has been working with Gotti Banxx since 2013. However, Gotti also worked with a handful of other producers, which allowed him to diversify his sound on this major project.