It doesn’t take a whole day to recognise vocal talent as potent as Bren Joy’s. With a smooth yet powerful delivery, he sings about making time for his love and feeling like it was time wasted. How many of us have put someone before ourselves, and felt like we were deceived or tricked? ‘Call Out My Name’ doesn’t seem to merely carry the pain one might feel as they’re going through it. The song reminds us that we aren’t alone in our experiences, and most times, that’s what we need to know and feel to get through.

Bren Joy shared a word with us about his growth and feeling comfortable with leaning on others, what his band mean to him, and more:

These are all my homies. We always have jam sessions and sing our asses off in basements or in living rooms haha. This is a taste of that. I’ve wanted to cover this song for a long time, since its release 2 years ago. I’m a very independent person, however, recently I’ve been becoming one with the idea of needing and leaning on people. This song encapsulates all of that and some, not to mention the writing is impeccable. I hope people see that live shows are near and dear to my heart, and I want to show people what to expect as soon as everything opens back up. My music is forever-changing and developing, and this song has just really been a huge inspiration in my personal growth and development.

When we weren’t in quarantine, the extravagant Tennessean opened up for two of the music industry’s leading artists Jhené Aiko and Megan thee Stallion. It has probably been a while since you’ve been able to sit down and watch someone as gifted as the Nashville-bred singer-songwriter, but there’s we’ve got you covered on premium content. Without further ado, check out the performance footage for ‘Call Out My Name’, filmed at music venue EXIT/IN, below.

If you like what you see and hear, also check out his single and video called ‘Freezing’.