When life wins over death, there has to be some purpose. In the case of a classical crossover singer and vocal coach Summer Watson, that purpose is to create beauty through her ethereally enchanting vocals. The artist’s recent release “Unveiled” from her upcoming EP Unveiled serves the creator’s purpose. Summer won stage 4 breast cancer back in 2014, and her song is for hope and light within each of us. The melodic song with other-earthly soundscapes has an empowering message. With “Unveiled” she creates a safe place for anyone in search of it. 

Soul-stirring piano melodies sound like a blessing. She aims to create music for anyone, not just for those who have suffered or fought cancer. She claimed: “put on your warrior armor and say I will not back down. I will rise and stand taller and stronger than ever before. After all, the only way out is through!”

The song is the taste of Summer’s upcoming EP Unveiled and gives hope to get more emotional releases from the artist. It is released after the first song “Break the Silence” from the same EP was released. Both give us hope to hear more enchanting melodies and breathtaking vocals from Summer Watson.