There is an ongoing narrative these days asking if R&B is dead and what’s next for the genre. Up-and-coming artist Quincy Griffith is fresh on the scene and bringing authentic R&B vibes that stay true to the roots of the genre. His latest release Just Who We Are has a beautiful piano and Quincy’s gentle melodic vocals are the perfect match. His music is a blend of multiple influences ranging from Jazz to Reggae, with small elements of each style he admires coming together to create his own sound. 

Quincy’s subject matter is that of most R&B artists with elements of romance, storytelling, and recounts of relationships. On this particular single, he’s singing of a love interest, admiring her, and sharing the potential the two may have if together. We also get a peak into Quincy’s hip-hop style as he briefly switches up his flow to bring us a quick verse of bars, still melodic in nature. If you enjoy artists like Masego, Giveon, or Lucky Daye I am confident you’ll have a place for Just Who We Are in your library of music. 

This single is perfect for a variety of playlists, something for when you feel like you’re in love, in your feels, or simply looking for a romantic vibe to chill out to. The talent here is seriously impressive, especially at such an early stage in his career. With only one other single available on major streaming platforms, Quincy is at the start of what may shape out to be a long career in music. He’s also making tracks that would compliment the likes of major household R&B names, so I advise that you start paying attention sooner rather than later.