If you’ve ever wondered what the heartfelt memories from years of pure friendship during your adolescent years would sound like, don’t worry because RC AVENUE has us covered with his latest drop. Coming out the otherside of a Wes Anderson coming of age movie, FLIPSIDE would be the song that plays through your speakers as you drive off into the sunset. It perfectly encapsulates the melodrama of the moment where the cacophony of thoughts in your head finally come to a stand still as the realisation sinks in, this is the end of an era. The end of joyous nights together camping out under the stars, the wild joyrides that nobodies parents should ever find out about, the weekends aimlessly wandering looking for something to do, those days are gone. In their place are now the anxieties of what’s to come.

The bittersweet are portrayed with fine-detail through his wistful lyrical delivery, allowing you to insert yourself into the story and revisit a time you might’ve forgotten or one you’re dreading will soon be a reality. It’s a fine balancing act, taking the exhilarating jubilance that comes with starting a new chapter in your life and the melancholia of leaving your friends behind, forming a saudade bliss. His vibrant production oozes an unmistakable magnetism that draws you deeper into his soundscape, all whilst his honey-drizzled vocal transports you away to a tranquil paradise.