JASMINEGOLD blows fans away with the recent release of debut album Serpent. The North Florida duo of David Nights and KJ have come a long way in a short amount of time.

Following a couple of quality lead singles in “Broadcast” and “Backseat Driver”, the duo appears to have found the perfect formula for fusing old school production with a mix of fascinating vocals to create a beautifully cohesive debut album in Serpent.

At just 19 years old, they take great pride in their ability to create such a unique sound. When speaking on the creation of Serpent, JASMINEGOLD had this to say “This album sounds like JASMINEGOLD. We don’t like being complacent, and this is the groundwork for that. We want to sound like nothing you’ve heard before and innovate.”

Without question one of my favorite recent finds, JASMINEGOLD stands out in the crowed genre of alternative hip-hop by being unapologetically original with a strong ability to take you on a journey with each track. I personally find the transition between “Joyride” to “Despise” to be my favorite moment of the project, but can assure you the mesmerizing word play throughout will have you hanging on every line.