If the pop punk era of the early 2000’s is something you pine for and a time you wish you were born in then you’re in luck, because the Jacksonville, Florida band Intervention are producing that sound for a whole new generation, whilst adding their own signature flair of course. Since 2016 this quartet have been breathing new life into the pop punk genre, whilst many had assimilated into the system and fallen out of love with the rebellious, adolescent nature of the original sound, they kept the fire alive. Now we’re entering a renaissance with genre slowly beginning to dominate the airwaves again and they’re reaping the rewards with a new fanbase slowly discovering their uncontrollable sound.

If you’re just getting acquainted with them now, then Safe II is the perfect place to start. Angst filled vocals belt a diverse range of gut-wrenching lyrics that you want to sing along with them. I can easily envision them performing this with a crowd moshing and screaming the lyrics in visceral pain with the same dedication of the lead vocalist. Gritty guitars amplify the candid lyrics further with the mammoth drums backing them up beat for beat as you slowly get riled up into a frenzy. It builds and builds until the climatic finale where your pent up aggression is unleashed in a glorious eruption of epic quality, before entering a somber quietness as you recover from the grand display of emotion. The 2000’s are back!