For the past few years the UK’s rap scene has been entering a golden era. Despite the weather being freezing here in Old Blighty, from Dave to Stormzy rappers from up and down the country have been dropping enough heat to keep us warm and make our summers as glorious as possible. One of those artists is Rob Salute, a Londoner who wastes no time introducing himself and telling his story through a flurry of insightful and simultaneously clever lyricisms in good life. With a retro influenced production, featuring a sweet soulful vocal reminiscent of the early Motown era, Salute’s flow is second to none as he rapidly launches into his narrative, seeing what’s happened in his life so far that’s built up to this electric release. He paints a vivid picture through his expressive storytelling where we see these magical frames of his life flicker in close up in the 3D IMAX of our mind, then you’ve got his voice itself which is utterly sublime, especially with the addictive production highlighting it.

Somewhere in the depths of London this artist is making himself known to the masses. With this being his first release in over two years, I’m certain that his year will be the year we see Salute take his artistry to the next level.