Norway’s very own Maud takes the paralysing effects that self-doubt and anxiety can bring with your thoughts running amuck with all the ways you’ll fail or let people in your life down and morphs them into an uplifting hyperpop single. She takes the darker days we all experience where it feels like everyone and everything in the world is against you and flips it on its head with the rousing Rollercoaster raising you up from the brink of despair and into the shining light she offers. It’s magical, going from spaced out ambient synths during the opening, setting a somber emotional scene, to a euphoric dreamscape of majestic wonder with a triumphant hook that lifts you up to the sky and beyond. It remains emotionally vulnerable but allows us to embrace it, take a hold of our worries and express them through a cathartic moment of bliss that takes the weight of the world off our shoulders. It’s an inspirational anthem that allows us to accept that with the lows come gigantic highs.

The past few years Norway has produced some iconic musicians, ranging from Sigrid all the way to AURORA and I wouldn’t be surprised if Maud finds her name with them in the future. She’s a gem in the Norwegian underground scene.