If the title alone doesn’t make you want to listen to Yazida’s latest track then I don’t know what will. Sporting a creative little pun, girlbossa nova is a truly dreamy number with Yazida’s ethereal yet simultaneously sultry vocal gliding over the smooth beats that will have you moving like a bobble head instantly. That is where the track truly shines though, the intoxicating production. The vocals are hypnotic and the lyrics are wondrously crafted, but that production by mijaru is what makes this song so compelling. The bossanova inspired guitars will have your body grooving and swaying in a matter of seconds, the funk influenced beats will get your foot tapping and as they melt together with that sweet vocal, you’ll find countless reasons to replay it over and over again. So grab your speakers, invite some friends over to hang and let this soundtrack your evening.

I also highly recommend diving into Yazida’s back catalogue when you get the chance too because she doesn’t miss. Each track hits its mark and lets you know you’re in for a good listening experience.