Little is known about the songwriter rosie but you luckily don’t need to know a lot of her music to blow you away. The young 18 year old musician doesn’t mince her words when forming an everlasting connection with the listener, using conversational language to make her appear to be a close friend who’s baring their soul to you. You get attached to her whimsical brand of songwriting, after a couple of listens you even begin to feel that same giddy way you get when your favourite song comes on the radio. It’s impressive for any artist to do that but with your debut? Simple astonishing.

Lilac season isn’t a single with a massive production, grandiose melodies and earworm hooks that refuse to leave your psyche. Instead rosie does a lot with a little, crafting a minimalistic sound that puts the emphasis on her tender voice that delicately lulls her sublime lyrics. The intimate sound pulls you close to her emotional state, allowing you to experience the spectrum of emotions she’s transitioning through throughout her debut. She’s only 18 but her songwriters mind is older as she creates a spellbinding debut that will leave you begging for more. Join the hype train before it leaves the station!