The Brooklyn based musician Sabrina Song crafts music to help you figure things out in your life. She’s out own personal therapist, letting her words do all the talking for us until we come to the realisation that her lyrics feel like they’ve come straight from our diary, prompting us all to make changes to our lives. She’s the people’s songwriter, that’s why her sonic musings pack an almighty punch that her loyal fanbase keeps coming back to. Take a deep dive into her discography and you’ll discover a countless array of luscious singles that showcase her authenticity as a storyteller and her natural ability to bring you into her intimate headspace, letting you see every nook and cranny of her mind.

Whilst most somber alternative songwriter ballads start off quiet as a mouse by the end they’ve exploded into life and unleashed the emotion in a jarring collision of heavy instrumentals. Doors is different though. This sonic marvel takes you by the hand and takes you on a journey where Song’s halcyon voice and Pulitzer Prize worthy lyrics like But I’ve never said the things you said / And how do we forgive and forget / When you’re a different person than the one I met,” become your humble narrator. Every detail is painted with such vivid colour that you can see this toxic relationship unfold before your very eyes, transforming this from a song into a true sonic experience. It’s a cathartic single that is beautiful in every way imaginable.

“‘Doors’ is about a toxic relationship where no matter what you do or say, they are never satisfied. I reference specific moments throughout my life where it feels as though I was letting someone down or being let down myself, yet was still made to feel as though it was my fault. The chorus shows that feeling you have when you just need to get out of a situation and be alone to process: “I don’t care how it sounds, I just want to go home.”