Old friend of the A1234 family Willy P has returned with his signature and carefree style of indie hip-hop, blessing us yet again with a warm summer night party banger, the perfect comedown ballad to confide in your lover.

It’s evident right from the stripped back intro of Louie that this freshest cut from the Cleveland artist peels back his psyche, revealing a little more than we’ve come to expect and showcases a vulnerable yet content side to his celebrations of life. I sense a maturing in Willy’s outlook on the environments and landscapes he finds himself in; Caring less of the opinions of others and more on his contentedness, as heard in Willy’s warm melodic-crooning bars.

A switch-up in both pace and mindset for Willy manifests through choice of instrumental and lyric contents; Noteworthy inclusions can be heard in the track’s guitar strums, hueing flickers of hi-hats and a vocal performance akin to a more love-stricken ballad, whilst still retaining that classic summer party-energy we’ve come to know and love from Willy. This carefree mantra makes itself clear through bars such as ‘I don’t need approval to feel good, I’m good!’.

Since our last encounter with Willy on A1234, the Cleveland indie-rapper has been making serious moves. This track follows from some major playlist placement – many such placements at the hands of his latest release with Sydney’s very own JYLPO! Always a pleasure to see music unite artists internationally, especially those in our own backyard in Aus. Those who haven’t jumped on the Willy P train yet need to immediately, as it’s about to leave the station!

This piece only further consolidates my views on Willy as an innovative and interesting presence to keep tabs on, and one honing his craft and expertise in feel-good anthems.