SAGE SUEDE, known for his unique and novel style, just stepped up his rap game with a brand new track ‘Go Down So Smooth’ – a passionate anthem for intimacy and love. On the track, SAGE SUEDE balances between electro and hip-hop as he layers his sick and skilled flow on an EDM inspired beat. 

‘Go Down So Smooth’ is another fierce drop from this Texas-based artist. Following on his previous releases (check out ‘Masterpiece‘ and ‘Sizzle Dee Sipper‘) he launches an inspiring music video for ‘Go Down So Smooth’ that exposes SAGE SUEDE’s signature futuristic aesthetics. 

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Texan singer-songwriter and record producer, Sage Suede is releasing a spectacular album titled THICC JUICY BASS on June 26th.

Following the release of his mixtapes, such as ElectroPapi in early 2019, the American artist has created a masterful album by blending elements of hip-hop, electro-pop, alternative & reggaeton. The album transcends hemispheres with tracks performed in 3 languages.

Sage Suede developed his musical skills throughout his youth, as he learned how to play the drums, guitar, piano, and clarinet. He started producing electronic music on Ableton Live in middle school. After prestigious acknowledgment for bass clarinet performance at the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic in 7th grade, Sage Suede continued to earn highest achievement on multiple State Solo-Ensemble clarinet performances and as a part of Cedar Park High School marching band, placing second in UIL Texas State Marching Band championship.

After various levels of instrumental success, Sage Suede quit the band to focus on acoustic songwriting. He moved to Boston and started working towards a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Northeastern University, with the intention of later founding his own music business. During college, Sage Suede recorded music in Snell Library’s recording studio and completed the alternative demo, ‘Diamondback’ shortly after graduation. A year later, he returned to Texas and released the fan-exclusive digital collection 2018 Freebies & Bangers. Shortly followed by the compilation RAWR mixtape.

A year later, Sage Suede returns with THICC JUICY BASS, a self-produced masterpiece that bumps old-school hip-hop vibes, with modern production and punchy electronic synths. The album reveals Sage’s renowned musical skillset, as a profound poet with edgy delivery of high-quality and unique musical production. Every song on the one-man setlist expresses its own rare story of how the artist was able to accomplish and go through different events in his life. Compared to the mainstream, it is astounding that none of the songs on THICC JUICY BASS sound the same, or even use similar instrumentation.