Delivering a quality so powerful that it leaves me at a lack of eloquent words, SamRecks has come through with an absolute heater. BACK PACK transcends the environment in which we stand, and takes us back to a world prior to the 2000’s. A place where the jazz influences and mystical 808’s take us for a ride in a lifted Rolls Royce that would seamlessly fit inside of a Fast and Furious movie. 

SamRecks sits just outside the elite of UK Drill when it comes to monthly listeners, but he certainly is amongst the greatest of the genre in terms of quality and flow. This single is reminiscent of ballads like Home by Knucks, and delivers a swaggy yet emotional breath of fresh air. Not only is it nostalgic in production, but Sam also reflects on moments that drove him to keep going at the beginning of his career. From recording his first ever single on his computer webcam, to having socks over his mic without a stand and showing his friends the early music he would make; this track is a lyrical photo album of his journey all the way to the confident MC that he has come to be. 

This was my first time ever hearing SamRecks music, and I assure you that it won’t be the last. Recks will be a force to be reckoned with in this genre, and he has the prospects to make it to even higher heights than that.