With confessional lyrics containing obscene amounts of venom with their blunt nature and an emotionally intuitive vocal that is reminiscent of Justin Bieber mixed with a bit of Dominic Fike, Sandman has created a visceral heartbreak anthem. Throughout Withdrawals we see every inch, nook and cranny of this relationship. From their heartfelt connection where they feel like they’re flying through the air every time they talk to one another, to toxicity of their time together where they’re screaming at each other over the sirens in the distance and finally ending on how they both said things they never should’ve, but he knows he has to ignore her to get over her. His use of blunt lyricisms is reminiscent of comforting a friend after their break up, encouraging them to avoid their ex at all costs as they voice their grievances with the soft ambience of heartbreak music playing in the background. A slick production of head bopping beats and lucid guitar melodies form an intimate atmosphere as he bares his heart to us with his expressive vocal, ending on one final plea as he falls apart with or without her.

If you’re looking for something with hypnotising hooks that send you into a dream like state as you blissfully watch a sunset in the distance, then Sandman is someone you need to hop onto. He captures heartbreak in glorious fashion and knows how to create something that will help us all move on from our past toxic relationships.