The introspective songwriting of Sara Kays has struck a chord with hundreds upon thousands of people over the past few years. With diaristic lyrics written through an unfiltered lens, the young musician bares her soul to the world in the hopes of helping them heal when they go through the same rough experiences she’d endured. Rather than avoiding the struggles she faces throughout life Kays embraces them and the imperfect scenarios that come with them, offering all who listen a place of solace to know they’re not alone. In short, she’s created a community who’s entire being is helping each other through the rough patches of life and that’s a truly admirable thing to have done.

Watching TV builds this community further. Recounting her past breakups that didn’t hurt as bad due to her witnessing the fire dwindling in the opening verse, however her latest breakup isn’t like the others. In this one she never saw it coming. One night they were sitting watching tv and the next morning it was over in the blink of an eye. Kays vocal oozes emotions as she opens her heart to us, sparing no details as she artfully depicts the rollercoaster of emotions she’s undergone and how, no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get over this one person. The intimate production pulls us into her world, making us her therapist as she recounts her pain to us through her gossamer vocal. Truly sublime.