I’ve sung my praises for Ireland’s underground music scene over the past few years. The small nation has been producing a shed-load of sublime talent, ranging from alternative rockers who’re creating gigs that won’t ever leave your memory, to alluring folk singer songwriters who pull at your heart-strings like a puppeteer. It’s been a wonder to witness and the latest to be added to this list with undoubtably be Sarah Crean.

The Dublin based musician is a combination of the soundscape of Japanese Breakfast, and the lyrics of Joni Mitchell. It’s one of the things I admire most about her music, she lets her expressive narrative do the talking without the need for large bells, whistles in the production. She remains stripped back, clean, and harmonious so her emotional connection with the listener is always at the forefront.

No track demonstrates this more than 02:00 AM. The hazy production forms an authentic aura surrounding the sound, allowing your mind to insert yourself into the narrative, and become apart of Crean’s story. Her celestial voice croons with the upmost emotional prowess, making our connection to the musician all the stronger as the melancholic backdrop amplifies the emotion further. We’re approaching the winter months, and Sarah Crean’s music is perfect for those rainy days.