Merging 90s alternative and R&B melodies with a high fashion aesthetic, Sam Austins is transforming his Detroit upbringing into authentic stories destined to soundtrack a thrilling A24 coming of age feature film. His creation of artistic pop through a left-of-field lens has formed a kaleidoscopic soundscape for him to portray his stories, and today he takes us to his time running round Manhattan like he owned the city.

Transporting you back to the early 90’s with a bohemian vibe to his sound, whilst giving a middle finger back to the yuppies of uptown, Dancing With The Devil is The Strokes merging with Radiohead in a swirling cauldron of frenzied energy. The hazy quality of his voice carries a charismatic charm with the edge of some classic adolescent angst, never feeling overbearing and striking a rich balance. Animated guitars become a focal point in the production, providing a zest filled energy that propels the piece forward, helping you insert yourself into the backstory as you run through Manhattan with reckless abandonment. Throwing caution to the wind, and experiencing true freedom.

What sets Sam Austins apart from the plethora of artists attempting to replicate this sound is his heart-on-sleeve storytelling. He never talks down to you, instead speaking on a level playing field as if you were long lost friends reminiscing on your youth strutting around Manhattan like kind of old. A toast, to Dancing With The Devil and living to tell the tale.