The third track ever by Says comes through with a vengeance. He has been scratching at the surface with thousands of streams on past releases, but this one feels different. Anthemic. 

Following in the footsteps of rappers using horns in their production like Drake, J. Cole, and Joey Bada$$, Says delivers his own take on the sonic style in the UK rap scene. He clearly has a chip on his shoulder, and in the track he boasts about the people he has kept and let go of in his life in order to focus on his main goal of making it in the music industry. 

Funny enough I actually found BY.25 on A1234 myself, and the song was too good not to cover in all of its glory. Successful music can also piggyback off of the launch of accompanying visuals, and Says officially released his first music video with this track. BY.25 is a song any artist would covet having in their discography, so we can surely expect even more quality to pour out of the recent college graduates mind.