When it comes to honest and heartfelt music, Seafret are masters of this craft. Throughout their creative careers they’ve consistently created an array of authentic singles that are raw, real and contain a little piece of themselves. They don’t write from another perspective when craft their tender soundscape, they bare their souls out for their audience to behold and never hold anything back which allows us to instantly connect with them. Each word they utter wraps around us and in mere seconds we’re left enamoured by their performance. They’ve shown their class time and time again to thunderous applause from their cult like fanbase and today is no different.

Pictures was inspired by the unblemished photos of youth, a time where you were seen to have so much potential and were a blank canvas filled with hope of what the world could bring to you. It perfectly balances the melancholia looking back at this time can bring and the joy of knowing how far you’ve come from this time. A tender guitar riff is featured throughout the soundscape, delicately allowing us to enter the mind of these two performers and see behind the curtain of their inner most thoughts. The heartfelt vocal croons the poetically inclined lyrics with a subtle cry that makes it all the more impactful with an evocative undertone that’s hard to ignore. Be prepared to cry and let your emotions flow out of you whilst listening to this one.