23 seconds. That’s the amount of time it took for the world to become enamoured by quinnie’s single touch tank. One listen and it becomes easy to see why its created such a buzz online and why I’ve been counting down the day til it was released. Through a myriad of metaphors she uses to reflect the joys the sexual side of her relationship brings her because of how comfortable it is, quinnie finds pleasure in emotional codependency despite the rest of her generation pushing this idea away. The jubilance she feels radiates through a Clairo bedroom pop styled production that her vocal dances across with the defined grace of a Royal Opera House ballerina, forming a vibrant world teeming with life. There’s even a beautiful metaphor within the name of the track, from above we see waves distorting the image beneath to something different from what our eyes perceive, but by going eye level with a touch tank we see it all as clear as day.

Quinnie has already found great success within her side project CRITTER, but touch tank feels like her breakout solo moment. Outstanding vocals that have an aura of authenticity that’s majorly impactful, beautiful imagery that gently takes a hold of you to make you feel the warm embrace she adores and a halcyon production that brings it all together. Be sure to dive into her discography and sensational sound ASAP.