2021 was SEB’s breakout year. His single seaside_demo came out and took the music world by storm, dominating TikTok, and becoming a must have for all your playlists. Since then the budding young musician hasn’t stopped, blossoming into a one of a kind artist who’s music blurs the lines between usual genre conventions, resulting in a tantalisingly diverse sonic identity.

Taking a deep dive into his discography and you’ll see the R&B undercurrents of his work, layered vocal stacks, contemplative storytelling, and sound that never stops being interesting. The artist flips between genres pancake, being able to fit into the same world as Joni Mitchell with one single, and then Tyler the Creator with another

Today is a more introspective single with loving u is harder focusing on a relatable subject matter; falling for someone so much that you soon become blindsided when you discover who they actually are. His conversational lyrics, along with the intimate production, give off the idea of you sitting down with SEB in a bar as he vents all his frustrations to you. His smooth voice brings his emotions to the forefront and, as the track glides on, you’ll feel his pain transcend onto you as you insert yourself into the tale. SEB is the next big thing.

“‘loving u is harder‘ is about feeling blindsided by who someone actually is after falling in love with them. The song also touches on the complicated dynamic of feeling dependent on someone despite knowing they aren’t good for you.”