The Florida collective seeyousoon are anything but conventional. Nonconformist by name and even more unorthodox by nature, they take individual parts of their nine member’s talents before throwing it into a scientific musical concoction that enables them to create fascinating sonic entities. From steamy hip hop numbers that make you feel all hot under the collar and fervent beats that thrive off of the old hip hop sound, to calming slow jams featuring luscious vocals and alternative bangers that make you want to head bang like you were in Wayne’s World, their sonic identity isn’t genre bending, it’s genre defying. Their artistic vision and clarity is simply unrivalled, each member’s distinct artistry is channelled into each piece of work they put out there, leading to something meets at the intersection of art and entertainment. Safe to say they’ve got that something special.

Now they’ve dropped their latest track NO DAYLIGHT, a sprawling hip hop that showcases everything we love about this collective and more. An eclectic production of hard-hitting dramatic beats over a shifting soundscape forms the backing for their diverse verses, filled with varying flows, to effortlessly interweave into one another, forming a dynamically versatile sound. Propelling it further, the thumping bassline of the chorus makes you want to lose yourself in a musky club where bodies bounce off of each other to the insatiable rhythm of the intoxicating track. Captivating, innovative and a jewel in the crown of Florida’s music scene, seeyousoon are a collective we collectively cannot get enough of.