One of the most exciting acts to come out of Birmingham’s music scene is SIPHO. The young musician emerged through the clouds that hang over England to be a shining light, reconciling his own relationship with God after growing up as apart of the Seventh Day Adventist Church through his evocative storytelling. It was clear that he had a talent for unravelling complex matters and transforming them into works of art, and he didn’t stop as he restored his relationship with religion.

Soon the artist began to go further afield, exploring the duality of the black male identity, specifically in his EP SHE MIGHT BLEED. Diving into themes surrounding hyper-masculinity, “how that affects me, and how that affects some of my friends,” he explains. It’s a subject with a lot of nuance surrounding it and SIPHO. explored it all through his intricate storytelling and refined approach.

Entering a new era today, ARMS is a sensitive yet investigative single with a sonic flair inspired by his youth in church, finessed gospel melodies elegantly melt with the evocative tones of his voice. The intense performance makes each lyric the equivalent of a dagger piercing through your heart, igniting a raw connection that doesn’t leave once the track finishes. Slowly building to a grandiose finale that leaves you enraptured by the coruscating talent on display, SIPHO. is rising like a phoenix to a fiery summit.

“‘ARMS‘ is a continued exploration of the complicated relationships we create as a generation – there for the sensation, not the responsibility. It’s something we’re gonna have to face up to or drown in the problems of the next decade ahead of us.”