The Liverpudlian quartet Crawlers went overnight from being apart of the underground punk scene in Liverpool, to being a shining beacon that channeled Gen Z’s angst into explosive, eruptive and fervent music. You couldn’t go anywhere on Tik Tok without hearing the emotionally charged, “Take her name out of your mouth, You don’t deserve to mourn,” on your FYP, and it’s clear it struck a chord with a new generation.

Since then the band have been on an upward climb, growing their fanbase into a cult like following who’ve loyally attended their gigs, screamed their tracks out in their car, and get their lyrics tattooed on their skin. Now they’ve come out with an EP that’s not just a statement of intent, but a manifesto of what they’re here to do. Create something to soundtrack your adolescent years, and make you become the main character in your coming of age tale.

Loud Without Noise is the band entering a new era, exploring every the multi-faceted layers of their sound to produce something you’d expect to hear at a sold out stadium. Leaping and bounding from highly energetic, euphoric anthems filled with bittersweet lyrical sentiments, to melancholia fuelled ballads that will leave you in a puddle of your own tears. Lead singles I Can’t Drive and Fuck Me (I Didn’t Know What To Say) pack an almighty punch as openers, but it’s the morose Hang Me Like Jesus that ends this whole piece on a sensational high. Crawlers stand tall above the noise with this project.