It’s very easy to see why st jimmy gave himself this namesake, because I can 100% see a ridiculous amount of people praising his music as if he himself were a saint. The young musician has already released a string of single that’ve seen him garner a small but adoring fanbase who’s cult like loyalty sees them gasp in awe and amazement every time he drops another addictive single. Whether it be his original outings as a hyperpop musician who thrived in the electronically altered, glitched out space or his latest drops which’ve seen him venture into a DIY pop punk emo territory that worked sublimely for the rough nature of his voice. Today is no exception to this either.

Unleashing his angst in a sonic eruption of cataclysmic proportions, trauma bonds is arguably his best track to date. His voice is powerful and evocative, bringing these raw lyrics to life in away that makes his vivid story seem as real as life itself. The grunge filled production only amplifies this ideology further, providing a DIY backdrop for his impassioned narrative to pierce through like a knife through the heart, which is pretty much where his lyrics will hit you the most. The first single off of his debut album, be prepared to see st jimmy reach some dizzying sonic heights.