I could sing my praises for the hyperpop scenes very own Babebee for days on end. Ever since I heard their single Everytime I was completely hooked on everything this talented artist had to offer. Each delectable sonic treat was an offering that my ears could not get enough of, with their use of scintillating synths forming a coruscating soundscape that shimmered and glistened like the stars above being the perfect backdrop for their gossamer vocals to artfully dance between. It comes as no surprise that their latest release is another sensational release that will draw you deeper in their sonic wonderland.

222 sees Babebee elegantly blend together the organic sound of the acoustic guitar with an array of mystical synths, allowing you to envision this enchanting forest in your head that’s both rustic in its appeal and electric with its unbridled energy. Their celestial vocal dances through the soundscape like a firefly in the night, all whilst the elegant lyrics create a vivid image in your head of the story at hand. If you haven’t had the chance yet, dive into Babebee’s discography, it’s filled with ear candy that will leave you consistently coming back for more.