Being born and raised in Dallas, Texas but now based in Los Angeles, California, it makes sense that upcoming musician Story Slaughter’s music would take influence from the two genres prominently associated with the two music capitals. Taking the wistful tones of our with the lyrical narrative the sound is renowned for and amalgamating it with the addictive hooks of indie pop to see the two sonic universes collide in a glorious mashup that allows them both to individually shine whilst giving Slaughter an idiosyncratic sound that breathes new life into both genres. Not a bad way to debut your music to the world is it?

Ranch Water focuses on looking at those around you, comparing your life to there’s, wondering why they’re so far ahead and you’re left behind, something that resonates with many young adults with her lyrics depicting moments they’ve most likely experienced, “They say, Shouldn’t she have it figured out by now / Mama, I don’t know if I’ll ever know how.” It’s soaked in melancholia beauty that’s further complimented by the rustic guitar riffs and somber synths that both provide the perfect platform for Story’s celestial vocal to evoke unbridle passion from the pensive lyricisms. This isn’t just a debut, it’s an announcement of what is to come.

Story Slaughter has that special something within her sound that makes everything she sings feel like liquid gold. She’s a one in a million artist whom I’m excited to see grow.