Being somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to coming of age movie soundtracks, the growing pains of adolescence being translated into sonic form is something I’ve always been enamoured by. The sense of freedom resonating from the glowing guitar melodies, insubordinate drums propelling you further into the unknown and narratives that delve into the bittersweet emotions that come with growing up, help make this sound so distinct from others out there. You hear one note and are given vivid flashbacks to your own youth, stepping out from behind the work desk and instead seeing a technicolour dreamscape of vivid nostalgia filled with hope that embraces you in a warm hug. I get that same feeling when listening to Susannah Joffe’s brand new single.

A saudade ode to female friendship and the melancholia that comes with growing up, In Your Room is ready made to be featured in a Greta Gerwig movie about a high school graduate hitting the road with her best friend for the journey of a lifetime. In fact, you might as well add this to your roadtrip playlist because this will make time fly by, as well as soundtracking core memories you won’t ever forget. The guitar open with an alluring gentle strumming, sending a blissful sensation down your spine as your mind prepares you for the thrill ride of a lifetime. Slowly building, jangled guitars and emphatic drums enter the fray as Joffe’s voice builds in power, amplifying the relatable lyrics that soon pierce through your heart. Ending with a eruptive climax that will have you punching the air as you walk off into the sunset.