Artist’s surroundings is what they base their music off. T. Jack has created an oxymoron sound that’s utterly fascinating thanks to where he resides and his creative ingenuity. Living in Acworth (otherwise known as Cracworth) isn’t the projects or the slums and it isn’t filled with gated communities or Bel Air like mansions either, it’s a balance between the two. You’ll see drug addicts and robberies in the streets, but you’ll also see wealthy families eating at the local diner. This place is what molded his sound, fed his sonic palette and lead to him being outspoken on so many topics through his lyrical storytelling. His music lives and breathes the area he resides in, but T. Jack also knows his message. Staying grounded within himself, never forgetting where he came from, whilst striving to better himself and help those around him in the process is what T. Jack’s music is all about.

Baked is a testament to his ideology, featuring fervent lyrics that are delivered with a fiery tone that makes them pack the powerful of a Mike Tyson right hand hook. His production never requires a grandiose of explosive beats either, here he remains neutral and allows his storytelling to be the main focus. You become wrapped up in his sublime lyrical narrative and, like the greats before him, listen on repeat til you have those raps memorised word for word. Dive into his discography and discover his sound for yourself.