But I’m bein’ patient, while I’m meditatin’/You ain’t fuckin’ with my elevation

Over triumphant trumpets and a boom-bap beat, the versatile Kiilanda gives us vocals and bars on ‘I Need You’. Not one to mince words, Kiilanda gives it to listeners straight on this 2020 single. In that West Coast drawl we’re all familiar with, she addresses vulnerability, her highs and her lows, dealing with two-faced acquaintances and even takes a couple of bars out to call out cishet men who question her gender expression and status as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Niggas wanna ask if I’m a girl or a guy/So, then, I fuck they bitch and they start to realize

Kiilanda doesn’t have time for anything except leveling up, good times in California and learning and growing from life lessons. With an incredible 16-bar run to end the song where she barely seems to take a breath, ‘I Need You’ sets the tone for what could be a breakout holiday season for Kiilanda. She’s only been getting better since 2017, so it’s only right. Stream ‘I Need You’ on a lazy drive or sunny Saturday morning.