There’s a special aura that surrounds Tamzene in her Home Tapes EP. Her intimate sound and authentic recording style makes you feel like you’re getting a live performance in your living room, on the bus or just about anywhere you go. In a world filled with perfect pieces of pop where a note, melody or vocal is never out of place, Tamzene finds the majestic beauty of the imperfect and that’s what makes this such an authentic project. Her isolated vocal is sublime, being reminiscent of Markéta Irglová during her time in the film Once, as she manages to artfully regale us with her open-hearted narrative that astounds with all of its emotive glory as the exposed production leaves us on tenterhooks throughout. The stripped back collection of songs all have their own little nuances and quirks that make them feel so personal, almost as if she hand wrote them especially for you and recorded it through her phone just so you could hear what she wanted to tell you. Til you brought me home is something you’d hear in the iconic The Snowman animation to replace Walking in the Air, cherry blossom is a cosied up winters dream, like it never happened will have you on the ground in a puddle of your own tears and rome is the cherry on top that is euphonic in every way shape and form. You truly cannot beat EP’s that are on this level of quality.

Based in a small town up in the Scottish Highlands, I’m sure it won’t be too long before countless locals are attending her busking gigs and are left speechless by her talent. She’s got a gift and her poetic lyrics, majestic soundscape and honest dialogue with her fans showcases this perfectly.