A rose with thorns is probably the best analogy for Tempoh Slow’s sound because although their music is filled with high amounts of romantically inclined emotions that make you think of tearjerking scenes in any love story themed movie, but beneath it is a visceral and aggressive edge that makes the emotion hit that much harder. However what makes them standout from the crowd is their honesty with themselves. Countless artists will release music about their past romantic experiences and focus solely on themselves being the victim, you rarely see anyone singing about the error of their ways because they don’t perceive themselves as the one in the wrong. Tempoh Slow write from the perspective of the outside looking in, viewing their past selves through an authentic lens and are able to point out the error of their ways but also joke about how desperate and idiotic they were to do this stuff to begin with. That’s what Leave Me Alone shows with just one listen.

The raw lyrics effortlessly paint a portrait of their own toxic behavioural tendencies, admitting to the world that they’re just as messed up as the people who they’re is drawn to. It’s as authentic as can be as they raise their hands up and admit their own faults before being able to joke about the whole affair thanks to their knowledge that they’ve grown up and come a long way since then. With vocals oozing passion, a evocative soundscape of expressive guitars and blunt lyrics, Tempoh Slow revel in creating music that’ll help you cry, laugh and heal.

“’Leave me Alone’ is special to me because it allows me to make fun of myself from the outside looking in. So many people write songs from the perspective of getting fucked over, but what if you are the one that is holding on too much? We all have toxic behavioural tendencies that we are subconsciously attracted to, but rarely do people admit that they are kind of fucked up too! It is also just a way of making fun of myself for being hella dramatic sometimes. I’ma softy!”