Whilst the year 2016 was viewed as a rather terrible year when new year struck, albeit nothing compared to how horrendous 2020 was, Young God Blow, DAM3 & Kemkooley have a different opinion on this matter. For them the summer of that year was the best time of their life. Filled up with the nostalgia for their adolescent summer day dreams where they were living their dreams, energised by the warmth of the sun and surrounded by friends, the idea behind SUMMER ’16 was formed. Like the weather, this track is scorching hot with an atmospheric production that matches the optimistic lyrics beat for beat as each artist adds their own idiosyncratic flair to the piece. Ranging from melodic flows with a smooth delivery gliding over the spaced out bass to nostalgic rhyming schemes reminiscent of early 90’s hip hop (think The Notorious B.I.G) with charisma oozing out of each word that’s delivered, this track is pure summer love in sonic form. Yes, the track focuses on looking back on a euphoric time in your life where serotonin was in abundance, but there’s also a moment towards the end where they look to future and know that soon even better times will come along.

With high replay value and three artists who’ve united their individual talents to form a nostalgic summer anthem, it’s quite easy to see why this should be on repeat throughout the summer of 2022. Let the good times flow!